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Premium service encompassing market appraisals, property marketing, tenant selection, AirBnB hosting, rent collection and maintenance. You choose which services are most helpful for you, or we can help you with all aspects of property management.


Properties will be appraised by the Principal, Roselee Krisohos, for residential letting and/or AirBnB hosting. You will be given recommendations regarding suitability, seasonal opportunities, relevant costs and potential returns. Market appraisals will link back to whatever personal and financial goals you may have for your property.


Properties will be marketed online on Australia’s top property sites, including and, and through direct marketing to our prospective tenant database. Professional signage will be placed in front of the property. Prospective tenants will contact the Principal directly, and will be offered flexible inspection times where ever possible.


All applicants for homes will be personally interviewed by the Principal to ensure the best possible match of residents to homes. We have a thorough system for checking prospective tenants, including their credit and rental history, current employment, and long term rental serviceability. Preferred applicant recommendations will be provided to the home owner and offers made based on prior approval with the process finalised in a timely manner.


An experienced AirBnB host herself, Roselee is excited to offer hosting as an option for home owners. Certain properties may be highly suitable for seasonal or short term AirBnB hosting, or some properties may be suitable for longer term AirBnB hosting, and you will be provided with recommendations about these opportunities where relevant.


At Bluebell Connections, we see the smooth and timely payment of rent, as well as the proper maintenance of the property, to be the essential components in creating a successful arrangement between home owners and home makers. We have zero tolerance to arrears and have developed a meticulously thorough process to ensure rent is paid on time. We will also provide immediate feedback where work may need to be done on the property.


Like people, properties are affected by age, and by wear and tear. Good, consistent maintenance of a property is important to also maintain its value and growth, both capital growth and rental returns. Regular inspection by the Principal will be conducted to make sure that the property is being well cared for, and feedback will be communicated to the home owner, including recommendations, and quotes can be obtained from your preferred or our recommended contractors.

home buying mentorHOME BUYING MENTOR

When you are going through the buying process, it’s great to have someone on your side. A Bluebell Connections Home Buying Mentor is more than just a Buyers’ Agent. They are there to be your property mentor. We provide the benefit of over 25 years of experience in property and finance in both the residential and corporate sectors. Whether you are a homemaker or an investor, we look beyond the numbers to help you reach your goals.

homes for rent

Bluebell Connections advertises properties for rent online. At any given time, the number of properties available for rent varies.

Every effort is made to rent properties quickly, connecting home owners with home makers in a way that works for everyone.

airbnb hosting

Bluebell Connections is privileged to host a number of beautiful properties available for short-term holiday rental through AirBnB. Properties are available in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

Speak with our team to discuss our current short-term rentals that are available in your preferred location.

homes for sale

Bluebell Connections advertises properties for sale online.

At any given time, the number of properties available for sale varies.

If you are looking to purchase property, speak to our expert team so we can discuss your property requirements in detail.