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Who is behind Bluebell Connections?

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Roselee Krisohos

Principal | Property Manager

Favourite Food: Oh so many, seafood, Thai curries, Japanese and of course chocolate!

Favourite Hobby/Pastime: Spending time at Mooloolaba, bodyboarding, yoga, reading

Favourite Saying/Quote: “Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible” - Dalai Lama

Favourite Spot in Brisbane: Brisbane Riverwalk

Favourite Part of My Job: Working with a team of wonderful, dedicated people who help support the business of Property Management – Beyond the Numbers

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Jodie Shay

Property Manager

Monday - Wednesday

Favourite Food: Chocolate

Favourite Hobby/Pastime: Reading

Favourite Saying/Quote: “If you want to make something happen you will, if you don’t you will make excuses.”

Favourite Spot in Brisbane: Sandgate

Favourite Part of My Job: Meeting my furry homemakers

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Shelley Chandler

Property Manager

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Favourite Food: Cheese, Indian and Mediterranean

Favourite Hobby/Pastime: Renovating and going on walks with my girls

Favourite Saying/Quote: “Don’t stress about the things you can’t change.”

Favourite Spot in Brisbane: The Botanic Gardens

Favourite Part of My Job: Liaising with different homeowners and homemakers to ensure everything is on track

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Caitlyn Pitts

Assistant Property Manager

Monday - Friday

Favourite Food: Cookies and cream ice-cream

Favourite Hobby/Pastime: Scrapbooking and hanging out with my dog

Favourite Saying/Quote: “Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.”

Favourite Spot in Brisbane: The City

Favourite Part of My Job: Working with amazing people for a company that holds true to its values

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Property Manager Support

Monday - Friday

Favourite Food: Cheese!

Favourite Hobby/Pastime: Sleeping under a desk or eating cheese

Favourite Saying/Quote: "Woof, cheese please"

Favourite Spot in Brisbane: Near someone who is eating cheese

Favourite Part of My Job: When someone is eating cheese


Bluebell Connections

Roselee Krisohos, Principal, Bluebell Connections

It was the summer of 1992. A wide-eyed Roselee Krisohos, fresh from completing her Bachelor of Commerce and not quite finished her first year of full-time employment, signed her name on the dotted line for the first time. Full of a now familiar mix of fear and excitement, she reached out to be given the keys to a brand new unit in trendy Highgate Hill. And so began her passion for property, or more to the point, her connection with the deeply felt need for people to establish a place to call home.

Since that time, Roselee has bought and sold several properties herself, as well as pursued her career spanning banking and finance, home loans and mortgages, and property sales and management.

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